Should I buy WHOLESALE?

A wholesale membership allows you to save 25% off of retail pricing and by far is the most cost effective route. In addition to saving the 25%, dōTERRA has a Loyalty Rewards Program, which allows you to potentially save an additional 30% off wholesale in FREE PRODUCT, giving us a savings of 55% off retail! This perk, remember, is only available to members.

In order to purchase wholesale there is a membership fee of $35 and gain access to additional perks like members only promotions, access to continued education and support, and your very own virtual office to purchase products when and where you want. dōTERRA waves the $35 enrolment fee if you enrol with a kit! (Another way to save some dollars!) To maintain your wholesale membership you will need to renew it once a year for $25 . As a “thank-you” dōTERRA will send you a FREE full sized bottle of peppermint valued at $20.50 (wholesale price), equating your renewal fee to $4.50. Small touches like that are only one of the reasons why we have enjoyed purchasing our products wholesale through dōTERRA.

And in case you were wondering there is NO OBLIGATION to sell nor any kind of monthly or quarterly purchase requirement. Absolutely no strings attached! As a member you automatically become a Wellness Advocate. That’s really just a fancy title that gives you wholesale access, but ALLOWS you at any time the opportunity to turn your position into a business. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to advocate a lifestyle of health and wellness these days? Like others, we became members without the intent to sell but soon found the satisfaction of helping others and realized we wanted to incorporate this into a business. It has become one of the most rewarding decisions and today we are Diamond Wellness Advocates supporting over 2,000 users and distributors of dōTERRA Essential Oils. So lets recap:

Wholesale membership offers you:

25% off Retail

Minimal Membership Fee of $35 (waived if enrolling with a kit)

Opportunity to Save up to 30% more in FREE PRODUCT with Loyalty Rewards Program

Members Only Promotions

Continued Health/Wellness Education

Online Account to Manage Orders

NO Sales Requirements

NO Monthly Purchases

GREAT Business Opportunity (ONLY if/when you want to take it to the next level!)

FREE Website where others can order from you

doTERRA Wholesale

Or should I buy RETAIL?

If natural healthcare is still new to you, you may want to begin purchasing at the retail or full price level. In this case smaller kits such as the ones on or one or two single oils could be what’s best for you. Retail, however requires you to pay regular, full price and there is no savings.

If you simply wish to purchase a few dōTERRA essential oils online and have them shipped to your front door, then head over to our dōTERRA ONINE SHOP!

Before you buy retail, please have a look at the information on setting up a wholesale account, because you may find it much more cost effective to go wholesale! You will immediately save 25% with NO commitment to buy regularly. Why not buy at wholesale prices?