“Australians’ worries about money have not abated, with personal finance issues rated as the top cause of stress over the five years — 49 percent of Australians report stress over money.” – Australians Report Finances Are Causing Most Stress In Life – Lucy Clark


Have you got a plan to manage your stress over money?

Financial security and health are strongly related to personal happiness and to one another. The ancient philosopher, Virgil, was once quoted as saying, “The greatest wealth is health.” In other words, health is as much of an “investment” as stock or bonds.

An unhealthy life is an unattractive situation, no matter how much money a person has. It, therefore, makes no sense to destroy your health in the process of accumulating money and, in turn, reduce your earning ability due to poor health. Both health and wealth require proactive action and are jeopardised by simply doing nothing.

Financial problems can affect a person’s health status and vice versa. For example, overdue bills can result in physical symptoms of stress (e.g., migraines, insomnia, and anxiety) and/or delayed or inadequate treatment. Financial distress also makes it difficult to afford recommended health maintenance practices, such as routine check-ups and eating the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

We believe there is such a strong connection, and fragile balance, between Health, Wealth and Happiness, and believe we can assist and support you and your families to build abundance in all areas of your life.




Money woes hurt, and science shows they do so in ways we can physically observe.

Pioneering studies by Austrian-Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye on the biological response to stress explain the effects of stress on the body. Selye’s experiments in the 1930s and 1940s demonstrate a triad of alarming stress reactions. Selye showed that:

  • Persistent stress enlarges the adrenal glands and releases cortisol (the hormone triggering the “fight or flight” response)
  • By secreting stomach acid, stress can lead to gastric erosions or ulcers, along with a host of other stomach issues
  • Stress can weaken your immune system by damaging the thymus—a small pyramid-shaped organ that stimulates production of disease-fighting T-cells

Minimizing stress over money woes should be on everyone’s mind. A national survey by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) has found that 42 per cent of Canadians rank “money” as their greatest stress—the leading source of stress among respondents.

So what all does this information really mean? It means that health and wealth are strongly related and changes in one area of life can have positive effects upon the other. Do you want to put research into practice? Start by identifying practices that you can directly control and calculate the potential weekly and annual financial savings of improved health behavior. Seeing the numbers that are possible may provide an incentive to make positive changes.

Financial impact of improved health