P – Prepare to Share

  • Set goals, plan and strategy
  • Learn daily
  • Attend team training
  • Get/use a mentor
  • Invest in the local EMPOWER KIT

I – Invite others who are “Open to Natural Health and Wellness, and Learning about Essential Oils

  • Share the opportunity
  • Are you “open to learning more about Essential Oils”?

P – Present, in classes, 1:1, webinar, video, samples

  • Samples
  • Webinar
  • Classes
  • “Are you open to using these oils?” – Yes, then enrol. “The intelligent way to buy these oils is to open a wholesale account. That way you will save 25% on the retail price and in future if you are interested in earning from the oils, the option remains open. The cost of a wholesale account is $35 per year, and $25 a year after the first. If you buy an enrolment kit on joining though, the $35 joining fee is waived. Also, on the annual renewal when you pay the $25, you will get a free Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • What enrolment kits are available in Australia?
  • How do I enrol someone? (Please make sure you have your back office set up in Step 1).


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