Begin your Sharing journey

More than often in the dōTERRA journey, when someone has had the opportunity to learn more about the essential oils and experiences their power and benefits, they will inevitably share their experiences with others. When someone joins and wants to buy dōTERRA Essential Oils, we always recommend that they open a wholesale account. Why, because firstly, that offers them oils at a wholesale price and secondly, it keeps the door open to them earning income down the track.

The most important point to make here is:

You need an LRP of 100 PV – if you want to earn commission.

(an auto-ship monthly order totalling at least 100 point value)


Earning opportunities: which one are you?

Once someone indicates that they are interested in sharing dōTERRA Oils and earning some income, it is important to schedule a suitable time to meet face to face (or via webinar) to go through a few things.

When you have someone who is interested in sharing, this is a guide as to how to discuss the options with them. There are usually three (3) different pathways that someone can go down.

The first pathway is for someone who usually wants to casually share the oils, and this path usually takes several months to cover the cost of their oils:

1. Do you want to pay for your oils?

  • Casually share
  • Several months


The second pathway is usually for someone who wants to supplement their income. For example they may want to make $1k to $4k a month, as they may not like their current job or may not be earning enough for the lifestyle they want for their family. Someone who wants to build like this will usually needs to work 3-4 hours per week. Over time someone who wants to build like this will get to this income level.

2. Do you want to supplement your income?

  • $1k – $4k per month
  • 3-4 Hours / week
  • Over time


Someone who wants to replace their income and who wants to earn from $5k to $10k, 20k or $50k plus per month will want to build like this. Someone like this will need to work 20 plus hours per week and will need to do a few other things as well.

3. Do you want to replace your income?

  • $5k – $10k per month
  • 20+ hours / week
    • will need a monthly LRP of 125PV before 10th of month
    • will need to buy Modern Essentials
    • will look to identify at least 3 business builders
    • will make three new contacts per day
    • Must have written goals
    • will attend team training and events
    • Must go to Australian dōTERRA Convention

If you are going to commit to this building pathway, then we will work together to figure out the hours you have available to work and share the dōTERRA Essential Oils and build your business.

So which one are you? In choosing which pathway you want to go down, it may also influence the Enrolment Kit you are wanting to invest in. The builder who wants to replace their income should really consider the Oil Sharing Kit. Someone who intends supplementing their income will at usually consider the Home Essentials Kit, but the Oil Sharing Kit would still be advantageous.


Example of Earning Pathways: Teresa Harding (


Oil Sharing Kit

Home Essentials Kit