What Essential Oils and Products does dōTERRA produce and sell?

Although dōTERRA is probably most well known for it’s Essential Oils, there are in fact many more products produced by the company. Not all are available from the Australian warehouse at this stage, but as a Wellness Advocate you are able to order from both Australia AND America, so ALL products in the range are available to us. These products include:

Single Essential Oils

Essential Oils Blends

Personal Care


Weight Management

Kits and Collections


Detailed PRODUCT INFORMATION can be found on each product by heading to the website here:

dōTERRA Product Information Pages


The Australian Local Product Guide 2016 is available below for you to browse through:


Click here to browse through the Australian Product Guide:


doTERRA AU/NZ Product Guide

If you want to have a look through the entire dōTERRA Product Catalogue – have a look here:


dōTERRA American Product Guide

doTERRA USA Product Guide