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Your dōTERRA journey:

  • Step 1: Are you open to:
    • Learn about dōTERRA Essential Oils
    • Use dōTERRA Essential Oils in your home, with your family, in your office
    • Share dōTERRA Essential Oils with friends, family and others open to natural health and wellness
  • Step 2: Are you ready to Share dōTERRA Essential Oils
    • Setup your back office website / social media
    • Get training and learn about dōTERRA and Essential Oils
    • Get equiped
  • Step 3: Begin your Sharing journey
    • Do you want to pay for your oils?
    • Do you want to supplement your income?
    • Do you want to replace your income?
  • Step 4: PIP (ES) process
    • Prepare to Share
    • Invite others who are “Open to Natural Health and Wellness, and Learning about Essential Oils
    • Present, in classes, 1:1, webinar, video, samples
  • Step 5: Enrol
    • Get them an Enrolment Kit
    • Educate them with a Wellness Consult
    • Get them to hold a class within 10 days
  • Step 6: Support them
    • Are they open to:
      • Learn
      • Use
      • Share

…and the process continues.

dōTERRA Journey