Dream, Believe, Receive

dōTERRA® Oils have changed our lives, and in under two years we have built a solid six-figure income. This has provided us with an opportunity to change not just our family’s health for the better, but also presented us with an amazing business opportunity – an opportunity that continues to change the lives of many others for the better as well!

Do you DREAM of getting out of that 9-5 job.

Do you DREAM of attending your kids sports day or music performance?

Do you BELIEVE you can do more? Do you BELIEVE you are worthy and can have the freedom to achieve your DREAMS?

Are you ready to RECEIVE abundance?

We often hear just how much of a struggle it is, where the decision has to be made between being a mum or a dad, being present for the school awards and sports carnivals and having a career and earning a decent income!

Well, perhaps you don’t have to choose?

doTERRA Business


Are you ready for dōTERRA® Oils?

We have an amazing chance to partner with, and mentor YOU – no matter where you are in the world!

Are you ready to really change your life and RECEIVE abundance? Create health & wellness for yourself and those you love?

We’re looking for people, who are new to dōTERRA Essential Oils, and are ready to join our amazing team. To make dōTERRA something they not only love, but something they choose to share.

We are committed to mentoring and teaching you how to make dōTERRA and wellness a business for you – for you to bring about lasting and beautiful abundance for you and your family.

This is for the mums. This is for men. This is for families. This is for business owners who are looking to add residual income and tools for their clients.

This is for anyone – anywhere in the world.

If you have a deep passion for people, are ready to add abundance to your life, are hard working, resilient, and committed to helping people in their journey with dōTERRA – then open your account and contact us today.

What you will get:

  • the world’s purest Essential Oils
  • a 5 Week online coaching program
  • weekly 1:1 mentoring from us
  • access to our own developed business focused and team Facebook pages
  • our commitment to helping you grow your business and support
  • we will share all of our knowledge on getting to Diamond, juggling family and learning how to run a business.
  • your starting point for you to create whatever you want.


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Welcome to dōTERRA Essential Oils, Australia. To your Health, Wellth and Happiness! (and that is not a spelling mistake – it is meant to be WELLTH!)

Tess and Craig

If you still feel like you need more information about essential oils – and you do NOT already have a dōTERRA wholesale account – and would like to book a call with us, please click here to contact us.