Job Interview

Job Interview

So, I went on a job interview today and when the boss asked what I expected out of the job or wanted for compensation, I replied:

First, I would like 20% commission on everything I sell and I want to see that percentage get far higher as I improve.

I’d like to receive commissions off of the people I bring in and train AND the people THEY bring in and train, even if I’m not making any personal sales.

I expect to receive a bonus not just the first time I achieve a promotion, but EVERY TIME.

I would also like the opportunity to earn FREE products every single month.

I expect your company to provide me with the very best free website, online training, plus regional training, no matter where I live!

I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company.

When I do well, I expect LOTS of praise and recognition, a fabulous trip each year, and even cash bonuses!

I would like my friends and family to be able to work here if they choose.

By the way, I need to set my own schedule and work only when it suits me and my family.

I’d like to get paid my commission every single week – direct deposited straight into my bank account.

Oh and I would love to establish a retirement worthy residual income in 4-5 years.

I would expect this is a company based on integrity. A company with heart, where the well-being of people (suppliers, employees and customers) and the environment are key factors in decisions, not just profit.

I would also expect that this is a life changing company that works with organizations to help change the world by working to end human trafficking and poverty, and also empowers people and communities with the tools they need to be self-reliant.

So…when can I start?

After the owner recovered from shock, he ROARED with laughter, “Lady, you can’t be serious! You’re dreamin’! You’ll never find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE! And if you do…come back and get me cuz’ I want to work with you!”

So I gave him my Business Card.
Just sayin’

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