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Wholesale Customer

You just want dōTERRA oils and products at Wholesale Prices – SURE! We can do that for you NOW!

84.49% of dōTERRA customers purchase the products only for personal use – and did you know 68% of people continue to order over and over and over again – because the product is so amazing!

My point – don’t miss out because you may have a previous concern about MLM or Network Marketing.

I am not trying to entice you into building a business or starting a new career in Social Networking – but I am unapologetically asking “Are you open to trying something natural that could change your and your family’s lives?

We have now launched our new Wholesale Customer Membership – for anyone who just wants these amazing products and wants to get them at wholesale prices – the new dōTERRA “Costco” membership!

What is a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER account?

It is a 12 month membership that offers you:

  1. Immediate saving of 25% on Recommended Retail Price,
  2. No monthly order required at all,
  3. Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s product of the month,
  4. Option to receive 10-30% of your purchase back in FREE product,
  5. NO questions around enrolling anyone or joining other people into the business,
  6. The lowest overall product cost and smartest way to buy.

Message me if you want more info, or if you are ready to OPEN YOUR OWN WHOLESALE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT click below:

open wholesale account now!

What is the SMALL PRINT?

It will cost you AU$35 to open your membership for the first 12 months. After that there is an annual renewal fee of AU$25 – but dōTERRA will then send you a Peppermint Oil for FREE as well.

If you want to buy a Joining Kit when you open your membership then you are entitled to the SPECIAL ENROLMENT KIT PRICES! So you may like to open your account and perhaps buy the new NATURE’s SOLUTION KIT and save almost AU$170!

You will get your own “e-Bay” style logon to the dōTERRA Store where you can browse and order products from Australia and/or America directly and have them shipped speedily to your door!

natures solution kit

dōTERRA Wholesale Customer FAQs

Q: What are benefits of a Wholesale Customer account?
A: A Wholesale Customer receives the same  discount as a Wellness Advocate and has a more consumer friendly shopping experience when they log into dōTERRA.com. No Tax File number data is required to be a Wholesale Customer.

Q: Can Wholesale Customers participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program?
A: Yes. Wholesale Customers can participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Q: Can Wholesale Customers participate in the Fast Track Program?
A: Yes.

Q: How does the upgrade process work?
A: Upon login to the doterra.com back office, a Wholesale Customer will see a button in the upper right
hand corner titled, “Become a Wellness Advocate”. You can follow this link to enter your Social Security Number securely, and agree to the Wellness Advocate terms and conditions. Then you can instantly upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account.

Q: If I am an existing Wellness Advocate, do I qualify for a Wholesale Customer account?
A: If you are a Wellness Advocate with no downline, you qualify to change your account to a Wholesale Customer account. Please refer to next question for conversion details and timelines.

Q: How can I convert my account from a Wellness Advocate account to a Wholesale Customer account?
A: A Wellness Advocate with no current downline will be eligible to become a Wholesale Customer
during their annual renewal month. This account conversion will take place at the end of the renewal month. The qualified Wellness Advocate will be notified via email and will have the option to remain a Wellness Advocate if they choose.

Q: If I am a Wellness Advocate with no downline, will I be automatically converted to a Wholesale
A: Yes – as stated above, a Wellness Advocate with no current downline will be converted to a
Wholesale Customer account during their annual renewal month unless they opt to remain a Wellness Advocate.

Q: If I am a Wellness Advocate with no downline, can I request to convert my account to a Wholesale Customer Account?
A: No, this is an automatic process, refer to above questions for account conversion details and

Q: Can I have both a Wellness Advocate Account and a Wholesale Customer Account?
A: No, each individual or married couple is only allowed one Wellness Advocate account OR one
Wholesale Customer account.

Q: Can a Wellness Advocate be converted to a Wholesale Customer after upgrading from a Wholesale Customer Account.
A: Yes, if a Wellness Advocate decides not to enroll any team members, then they will eventually be converted back to a Wholesale Customer during their next renewal month, as outlined above. However, a Wellness Advocate can always opt out of this conversion process and decide to remain a Wellness Advocate.

Q: As an enroller, why would I enroll someone as a Wholesale Customer?
A: Wholesale Customers contribute to your team in many of the same ways as Wellness Advocates, and have additional advantages:
💖Wholesale Customers can help you qualify for ranks and bonuses just as Wellness Advocates,
including Power of Three and Fast Start.
💖By signing up downline members as Wholesale Customers, you can better distinguish between
users and builders on your team and support them accordingly.
💖Wholesale Customers who upgrade their accounts to Wellness Advocate Accounts at least 90 days after signup will be eligible for an additional 14-day sponsor move.
💖Tax File Numbers are not required to sign up a Wholesale Customer Account

Q: As an enroller, will I be notified if a Wholesale Customer upgrades their account to a Wellness
Advocate Account?
A: Yes, you will receive an email whenever an enrollee upgrades their account from a Wholesale Customer Account to a Wellness Advocate Account.

Q: Can Wholesale Customers access the Message Center in the Virtual Office?
A: Yes, Wholesale Customers do have access to the Message Center to receive messages from their upline and respond to those messages.

Q: Can I still enroll as a Preferred Member?
A: When the Wholesale Customer program launches the Preferred Member account type will no longer be an enrollment option. Current Preferred Members will eventually be converted to either a Wholesale Customer or another business account type.

Q: How will Wholesale Customers appear in my Back Office?
A: Wholesale Customers will be GREEN in the Back Office. Their shape will reflect their current LRP template setting as well – just like Wellness Advocate accounts do today. (This means that Elites will revert and appear as Yellow in the back office).

Q: Do Wholesale Customer orders count towards Fast Start Bonuses?
A: Yes. Wholesale Customer orders will count towards Fast Start Bonuses.

Q: Can Wholesale Customers have a replicated website?
A: No. Wholesale Customers do not have the ability to enroll other people, so they do not have access to a replicated mydoterra.com website.

Q: Can Wholesale Customers resell dōTERRA products?
A: No, a wholesale customer must upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account before they are permitted to resell dōTERRA products.

Q: Does a Wholesale Customer keep their Member ID number when they upgrade their account to a Wellness Advocate account?
A: Yes – A member will maintain all account information upon upgrade, including dōTERRA Member ID Number, LRP status, and all Rewards Points.

Q: Does Fast Start restart upon upgrade from Wholesale Customer to Wellness Advocate?
A: No, Fast Start is paid on the first 60 days of membership for each new Wholesale Customer or
Wellness Advocate, regardless of account type.

Q: Can a Wholesale Customer transfer into a Wellness Advocate position?
A: In select cases a Wholesale Customer may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position. If the position they wish to transfer into is underneath the same enroller, then they may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position with placements approval.

Q: How will current Preferred Members be converted to Wholesale Customer?
A: Current Preferred Members will be contacted in order to find a good conversion solution. Many will be converted to Wholesale Customer accounts, and others may be converted to a professional account type.

Q: Can a member take advantage of the 90-day upgrade move more than one time?
A: No. A member can only use the 90-day upgrade move one time. Their enroller will receive a 14-day sponsor move first as they enroll and again if they upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account after having a Wholesale Customer account for 90 days or more. If they subsequently convert their account back to a Wholesale Customer account and upgrade again to a Wellness Advocate account, their enroller will not
receive another sponsor move.

Q: Can a Wholesale Customer purchase more than $5000 in a year? (USA ruling)
A: No, a customer purchasing more than $5,000 a year is considered to be a business, and therefore must be a Wellness Advocate. Any account with annual purchases over $5,000 must be reported to the IRS (in USA), so a Social Security Number or other Tax ID is required for these accounts.

Q: Can a Wholesale Customer be placed anywhere in an organization?
A: Yes, A Wholesale customer can be sponsored under any Wellness Advocate in the enroller’s
organization (including the enroller themselves).

Q: Can a Wholesale Customer resell dōTERRA Products?
A: No. Wholesale Customers cannot resell dōTERRA products. This customer type is defined as purchasing product for personal use only. If a Wholesale Customer wants to resell products they must first upgrade their account to Wellness Advocate.


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