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Ready to Coach your Builders and Sharers?

Time to give them a system and structure to their learning?

Thank you to everyone who has assisted in providing information and ideas to put this together, and to anyone who takes on the program, please keep providing ideas on what material or information you would like to see added to any module. Just email us at with your ideas.

So what is and why the program?

There is SO much information out there and we have found TOO much means TOO little gets done and folks get confused. We also know that activity grows the business and we have seen so many Wellness Advocates build amazing businesses not by watching videos and reading blogs, but by sharing, holding classes and enrolling new Wellness Advocates.

This program is a COACHING PROGRAM – not a self-study Silver Bullet, solve all solution!

The idea behind this program was to provide our leaders with a structured approach to start off a new Wellness Advocate who is interested in 1. Learning how the business works, and 2. Is ready to start sharing and holding classes. Over ideally 5 weeks, this program will provide structures learning, with regular contact, support and guidance from a COACH, helping the new Wellness Advocate to prepare for their first class and enrol their first team members.

Program Guide:

 Download your Guide here:


How does it Work:

The process we have designed is:

1. Anyone can be registered into the program

2. They need a Coach who will check in on them at an agreed interval – weekly is ideal

3. The student downloads the manual in the first Task for each module and then works their way through the tasks, completing the manual as a type of workbook. Part of the tasks is to report back to their coach in the weekly calls. (So there is homework)

Sneak peak at Module #1

4. The plan is over 5 weeks they are ready for their first class

5. They can then duplicate and enrol anyone into the same program and follow the process – repeat again.

How do you start the Program?

Please chat with your enroller or upline Leader as you will need a COACH to support you through this learning process. Your Leaders will then discuss with you when they can support you and they will arrange to get you enrolled in the program. You will receive an email confirming you are registered with instructions on how to access the Google Classroom.

If you get stuck or need a hand please drop us an email or message through our Facebook Group. Thanks and enjoy.

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