You are at the final stage of your working life. You have extra savings capacity due to lower debt levels (or debt free) and your children are no longer dependant. You are increasingly thinking about retiring. Over your working life you have accumulated wealth by building up your investment portfolio and have reduced and/or paid off your debts.

At this stage of life, it is important to start planning for retirement as early as possible to give you sufficient time (ideally at least 5 years before retirement) to get you financially ready for retirement.

Whilst you are still working, you can prepare for retirement by:

  • setting retirement goals (e.g. when will you retire, where will you live, how much will you spend in retirement)
  • understanding how long your money will last in retirement and when you can afford to retire
  • structuring your accumulated financial assets to maximise your retirement savings
  • boosting your savings in preparation for retirement
  • making sure your superannuation is healthy and working hard for you
  • continuing to accumulate wealth tax effectively
  • protect and preserve the wealth you have accumulated
  • estate planning (ensuring your Will and Enduring power of attorney remain up to date)

Whilst it is never too late to start planning, the earlier you start the more likely you will achieve your retirement goals.

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