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How can you save even more?


We are constantly asked about the best way to order doTERRA Essential Oils and products. People want to know if there is a cost saving if they order a certain amount or is it better to place orders regularly?

doTERRA has an extraordinary opportunity called the Loyalty Rewards Program which is a way to show their appreciation to you!

By setting up a monthly order, you receive a number of benefits. You can customize each monthly order and the date it processes through your Virtual Office by going to the SHOP tab.


Here are some more reasons why you should join the Loyalty Rewards Program:

1. You earn a percent back!

By joining the Loyalty Rewards Program it means that you receive at least 10% back in product credits on your Loyalty Rewards (LRP) orders. You can use these product credits to purchase even more FREE product (like Frequent Flyer Points).

As long as you have a monthly order of at least 50 point volume (PV), you will continue to earn credits. The LONGER you remain loyal, the larger the percentage of credits you will get back on your purchases until you reach an amazing 30% at 13 months, as shown below:


2. Product of the Month!

If your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) is set to at least 125 product points (each product you order has a points value), then you join the PRODUCT OF THE MONTH CLUB, which means you will also receive a FREE PRODUCT with your order. Tip: your monthly order must be shipped before the 15th of the month to qualify for and receive the Product of the Month.

Tip: because of the time difference between Australia and the USA, be sure to ship between 2nd and 15th day of the month.

Watch the Loyalty Rewards Video: Click Here


3. Shipping Points

One extra BONUS is that if you place a regular monthly order as a Loyalty Rewards Order, then the shipping cost (Australian Dollars) is converted to points and you get those points back as well – to use to order more product next month. EG. it may cost you $9.95 in shipping this month, but doTERRA kindly gifts you 10 points – which accumulate in your back office and you can use those points to “pay” for other product in months to come. How amazing is that! Effectively you get the cost of your shipping back in product!! Check this out for more information: Shipping Rewards Points

shipping rewards points

For Example:

You may wish to try the newly TGA approved doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program Nutritional Supplements which are now available to order through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Set up a Loyalty Rewards order by following the steps in the video above, and add the Lifelong Vitality Pack to your order. You will save 25% on the retail price AND you will also get at least 10% of the point value (6 points) and the shipping cost back in points as well. How would you like to get your shipping for FREE? That’s an amazing savings!

If you have any questions about getting started on your Loyalty Rewards Program, please let us know. Contact us on email: doterra@healthywellthy.com.au

To your health, wealth and happiness.