New doTERRA products available in Australia

new doterra products

New Products

Most of the new products we released at convention will be available to purchase through the Australian warehouse from Monday 3rd April. Want to check prices? Click here.

These include:

LLV (as a collection and individually), Spikenard EO, Petitgrain EO, Lavender Peace (the new formulation with Ho Wood, Cedar Wood and Vetiver), DoTERRA Spa Body Scrub, DoTERRA Spa Body Butter, Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion and the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch kit. It will be the middle of April before we have stock available of the laundry detergent to commence selling.

In addition, we have managed to add the Essential Skincare Hydrating Cream to our existing Essential Skin Care products. This should be available by 7th April. We are also working on having an Essential Skin Care Kit available – stay tuned for more news on this.

New 400 PV Enrolment Kit

We are working on having the new enrolment kit available by the end of April – importing the wooden box has provided us with a few challenges which we are currently working to resolve. As soon as we have it in country we will be able take some photos and include it in our enrolment kit flyer. We appreciate your patience as we work through this.

new doterra products

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