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So what is the earning potential?

You may have read our earlier blog (doTERRA Potential) on the 2015 earning potential of doTERRA, but we wanted to add to that and share how our team has progressed.

It is our, and the company’s vision, to get Essential Oils into EVERY home in Australia and the world, and so doing empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing. Essential Oils can be a “go-to” for preventative health care and lifelong vitality.

In this process, we want to see as many of our doTERRA team get to the point that they cover the cost of their oils by sharing and growing the business. We continue to see that this is not a sales business – it is simply you continuing to share what you love and what you see work! In doing so, more often than not, others want what you have, and you can benefit from that – after all, why shouldn’t you.

You share the great restaurants you visit, and we see photos of the meals you enjoy. You share your holiday pics and we follow with interest the places you visit and the amazing experiences you have. You share your family snaps and children’s school achievements – how proud are we as parents?

So, if you have an awesome experience with an essential oil – if it relieves your muscle aches and pains, if the essential oils help you stay focussed, if Lavender Peace supports you with a healthy nights sleep, if OnGuard helps you clean away mould and provides you and your family with immune support, if DigestZen soothes an occasional stomach upset or helps occasional indigestion – WHY wouldn’t you post and share your experience?

This is all it takes to build your very own doTERRA Tribe!

We currently have over 3,500 users and sharers of the amazing doTERRA Essential Oils in our business, and this network continues to grow by around 500 per month.

Our team has now grown to include the following:



















Average Earnings PA









It is fantastic to see the Elite members grow and have their oils cost covered PLUS some, and how inspiring is it to see folks take power and initiative to build their own business!

If you are interested in Essential Oils, Natural Health, wellbeing or if you are looking for a entrepreneurial adventure, are happy sharing your experiences and teaching, then doTERRA may be for you!

So how about setting yourself up for a powerful 2017, full of new possibilities. We have a proven model, offer coaching and business mentoring, education and support and we would love to see you as part of our growing and financially independent team!

It just seems fair for you to be paid for sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences. So CLICK BUY NOW now or find out more:


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