I want to start my own business!

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What do you get if you Google: “How to start your own business from home?”  Give it a try and see what you find.


“I want to start a business from home!”

“I want to be an entrepreneur!”

“I want to do more!”

“I want to earn more!”

start a business

start business at home

cost of franchise

I came across ads trying to get me to buy a franchise and save up to $25,000. I also found the Australian Government website warning me to prepare a detailed marketing and business plan including consulting my accountant to review my financial plan, which it warned is often overrun in a startup.

I then came across a Forbes.com article: “10 reality checks before starting your own business”, and could not help but begin to compare the warnings to the business that my wife and I have been fortunate to grow into over the past 2 and a half years. I say grow into, as we are still growing into it. I was once told never to test the water depth with both feet, and this has been true for us.

We first needed to learn to love the product, then we learnt about the product, studied the business and actively sought out answers and education, systems and processes. I thought it would be good to share with you my experience of the 10 reality checks. Why? Well, you may have also been Googling, and perhaps, just perhaps the warning put you off. Don’t give up yet – there is an opportunity you need to hear about!

  1. Firstly there was the warning: “starting your own business is a lifestyle change and is not a quick get rich scheme”. True, but then I had to consider our lifestyle. As we have built this business we got to work from home, juggle two teenage kids, travel (internationally), still build a separate Naturopath Practice while I was full time employed by an accounting and superannuation business. And in 30 months we have a 6-figure business. Not too bad a lifestyle I think! Sure, it has taken focus, regular effort, personal development and a commitment to support and educate, but after all, “Success is not the key to Happiness, rather Happiness is the key to Success”.
  2. Do customers need your product? If 65% of users are re-ordering our product, I can only let the facts speak for themselves – that appears to me as if customers don’t just like it, they need and love it. This is also what makes the business SO different. I have been a sales executive for the past 10 years in South Africa and Corporate Australia, and I have not once had to sell this product. This business does no Sales Training! This business does do a LOT of Teacher Training and Process Training and Product Training.
  3. Is the market opportunity large? The business itself is growing globally very rapidly, and in Australia we have over 100,000 users of the product. With a population of more than 20 million, that is 0.5% and in recent research in the USA, 60% of people said they were open to natural health and natural products. I think we have a way to go yet. As Benjamin Zander once said: “Everyone loves classical music, they just don’t know it yet”. Let me say, everyone loves this product; they may just not know it yet.
  4. Is this a crowded space? Although there are a number of producers of the product, we are fortunate to have, what is believed to be the purest natural product available on this earth, sourced globally from their point of origin in over 42 countries.
  5. Are there hidden dependencies? What do we need to depend on? Well, we have a global customer service centre with online chat and telephone service. We have a state of the art Head Office in Melbourne and modern logistics services with distribution warehouses in Australia and around the world, so your, and my market, is anywhere I can imagine globally. In our business we deliver to London from Europe, Ontario from the Canada warehouse, Chicago from Utah, New Zealand and Australia from Melbourne and Perth.
  6. Intellectual property – nothing to worry about there. Our manufacturer and producer manages all of that with global trademarks and patents, ongoing relationships with the FDA in USA and TGA in Australia. Detailed policy and protocol already exists and guidelines for us on how to brand and share our local business, how to build social media and websites, what to say and not to say. The formula is there – I have just had to follow it.
  7. Can you build a team? Well, I am not asking you to employ anyone. We support 3,000 people in this business and we have done it by empowering them with a replicable model of education, support and private online webinar and Facebook training. I employ no one, not a single staff member, although my son and daughter may disagree. The ongoing success has been to find like-minded people with a love for all things natural and a passion for a chemical free home and family. We support with education but offer self-empowerment – at a personal pace with no goals or pressure. What we have done in 30 months, others have done in 9 or less, so it all depends on you.
  8. Have you looked at the costs? As I mentioned at the start – do you have $30,000 to start up your business? We didn’t. We started with $330 and invested $150 per month over 9 months, and that was all. From there on we were cash flow positive and now generate some $15,000 monthly. Do you have $330 to get your own business going?
  9. Do you have the stamina? The idea here is to focus on personal development, learning and building personal staying power. I was once told “If you find a job you enjoy, you will never work another day in your life”. We have no sales targets (although we have goals on where we believe we want to be). We have daily and weekly action plans and we keep on getting on. Besides setting up this business, did I mention I am still full time employed by day and we run a VERY BUSY Naturopathic clinic as well. This is something that doesn’t feel like a business. It is a way of life. As we use, we learn. As we share we grow. As we grow we learn more.
  10. Some sound advice has been “do not quit your day job” until you get some real revenue from your startup. I have seen this regularly. We have business owners who have started by working 3 to 5 hours a week part-time and on weekends and built to a solid income and walked away from their day jobs. Others I have seen have been on maternity leave, and in between breast feeding and nappy changes have networked, hustled and educated, and have never returned to their day job! Now they literally run a 7 figure global business. Yes it can and is being done.

I am not saying this is an easy get rich quick scheme. What I am saying is that coming from a full time employed husband and father of two teenagers, I have never in all my corporate years on sales management, come across a business opportunity that for me ticks all the right boxes.

I have never experienced a more supportive environment where people openly share, support, encourage and motivate, let alone celebrate success with enormous, genuine and open hearts. When did you last congratulate your CEO on earning $1m this year? Well this happens every day in our business and the success of this business recognizes and depends entirely on the success of it’s people and the network of relationships. This business is about empowerment and making a difference. Making a difference not just for you financially, but emotionally. Making a difference globally by supporting providers and giving back to their communities.


So tell me about this business?


Have you have ever thought about wanting to do your own thing?

Have you ever felt trapped in your employment with a salary ceiling and nowhere to go?

Have you ever mumbled you dislike the boss and want to get out?

Have you ever felt you can do more?

Do you have self-belief?

Do you know some people you can share your ideas with?

Have you had enough of the excuses and think it is time to do something?

Have you been stuck because you thought you never had what it takes?

Are you concerned about the startup costs?

Are you confused about business?

Would you give this a go if you had support?

Would you give this a good go if you believed in the product completely?

Would you give this an awesome go if you new it could bring you financial freedom and abundance?


Want to know more. I am happy to share with you this amazing opportunity, as it is not mine to keep for myself. It is an opportunity I owe to you. It is an opportunity you are entitled to if you just reach out and take it. You are entitled to it just as you are entitled to good health, happiness and abundance.

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Craig Godfrey




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