Pay for your oils!

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I want to save money, and pay for my oils!

We heard you say “I want to pay for my oils”. You might find that you love the oils so much, that you end up getting people on board with their own wholesale membership for the same reason you started – because you love the oils AND to get the wholesale discount. The business of sharing essential oils is an organic one because the oils have so many uses in our daily lives. Remember also, dōTERRA produce way more than just the oils!

Did you know that dōTERRA Essential Oils have a daily place in your life, and we encourage you to explore just how you can move to a chemical-free, natural lifestyle. Have you considered natural ways to help you relax? To reduce muscle aches and tension after exercise? Do you want to support your body to cope with stress and anxiety? Are you looking for non toxic cleaning solutions for your home, or looking for natural ways to support your families overall health and well being?

Explore the 101 uses of Essential Oils and the Healthy can be Simple guide. You will be amazed just how much we use Essential Oils every day.

We encourage all our Wellness Advocates to setup a “wish list” of oils and products they would like to try, also have a look at the various dōTERRA products that can be used to substitute your daily chemicals in your home. So for example, try the On Guard toothpaste, the On Guard cleaning concentrate and foaming hand wash. You may also want to consider the Lifelong Vitality Pack.




You might naturally start talking about essential oils with your friends, because of the wonderful ways the products are changing the way you approach health and healing. Your friends want to know more. You share and give out samples. And before you know it, they want to be a part of the essential oil world too – without you giving any traditional sales pitch. Just sharing organically. If those people start ordering, you can start making money on their orders… and that leads to the next level…

When you are ready to start sharing, we want to make sure you get rewarded properly, so either give us a call, or read on!

Now you need to consider the benefits of setting up a monthly “auto-ship” order or LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) and to earn a commission you will need a monthly order which has a point value of at least 100PV.

Save more on your purchase price:

What is the LRP?

Besides being a really simple way to get these amazing products delivered to you regularly, it is also a way you can get rewarded for using the essential oils. By setting up a regular monthly order online, you can earn reward points which can be cashed in for more dōTERRA products – its like “frequent flyer points”. And the longer you remain on the rewards program, the % of your order that you get back in points increases, so the MORE POINT YOU ACCUMULATE!

Loyalty Rewards offers:

  • Entitlement to earn a commission if your monthly order has a point value of at least 100PV,
  • Hassle-free, flexible monthly shipment,
  • Product credits that can be redeemed,
  • A free product of the month when your order totals 125 points and ships before 15th of the month,
  • The longer you participate, the greater the reward,
  • Convenience to change your order every month and no commitment.


You can find out more information about how the Loyalty Rewards Program here:

Or watch this sample training video on how to do it-


  • Set up a monthly auto-ship
  • If your monthly order has a point value of at least 100PV, you are entitled to earn commissions
  • If your monthly order has a point value of at least 125PV, and is placed before 15th of the month, you will get the FREE Product of the Month
  • You will get Loyalty Rewards Points when you have an LRP.
  • These are like “frequent flyer points”
  • By placing an Local LRP or enrolment order online you will earn 100 percent of the shipping cost in points (i.e. free shipping)
  • You will earn up to 30% of the points value (PV) of each “auto-ship order” in rewards points. (See image below – the longer you continue with a monthly auto-ship order, the higher the % points you earn – once your LRP has run for 13 months you will receive 30% of your order points value in rewards).
  • These points can then be redeemed for more product – ordered from Australia or America.
  • With 30% awards points and a 25% wholesale discount, you can save up to 55% on the retail price of your oils.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Pay for my oils by Sharing:

You have now reduced your cost by having a monthly “auto-ship” or LRP order, but it is possible to earn and pay for your oils, simply by sharing with friends and family.

You can earn commissions in mainly three (3) important and easy ways:

  1. Retail orders – Paid Monthly. You will make 25% commission from all sales purchased through your website. You can also earn a profit from selling any product you purchase.
  2. Fast Start – Paid Weekly. This is one of the unique ways dōTERRA has set up their compensation plan! You will automatically earn 20% commission from any new member you sponsor (anyone you support to open a wholesale account) during their first 60 days. This 20% will be based off of the PV from anything they order, including their enrolment kit. In addition, the fast start bonus is paid to 3 levels (See chart below). This a awesome because you will start receiving checks weekly in no time!
  3. Unilevel commission – Paid Monthly. Unilevel commission is what you will earn from orders placed from anyone on your team. You are paid this commission up to 7 levels down. The difference in this plan is that the percentage paid goes up the lower the level goes. That is completely opposite from any other compensation plan out there. This is what creates AMAZING teamwork and eliminates the selfish mentality that is plagued by other multilevel marketing companies. This is by far the most unique aspect of dōTERRA’s compensation plan.

doterra compensation plan

There is also a Power-of-Three earning option, but more on that later. If you are ready to earn and pay for your oils monthly, send us a message and we will set up a time to discuss how to get you set up, how to use your dōTERRA website to share and earn.