October Specials

It’s a great time to open your dōTERRA Wholesale Account – so don’t delay, open your account in October before 31st and dōTERRA will gift you 50 points (product points – like frequent flyer points) for you to redeem in November or coming months for dōTERRA products.

If you open a wholesale account, normally you would pay $35 membership, but, if you sign up with an enrolment kit, the $35 is waived, AND if your enrolment kit is worth more than 100 points value, you qualify for the FREE 50 PRODUCT POINTS! WOW, what a bonus.

What could you get with 50 PRODUCT POINTS? Open the dōTERRA Product Guide and check under the column PV – that is the PRODUCT VALUE or points value.

So, with 50 PRODUCT POINTS as your GIFT, you could place a NOVEMBER order and get for FREE: (just pay for shipping)

Example 1 – Cooking Bonus

Basil – 22 Points

Coriander – 27 Points

Example 2 – Relax and Chill

Balance – 24.5 Points

Lavender – 25.5 Points

Example 3 – No Stress

Past Tense® – 21.5 Points

Cheer® – 28 Points


What should you enrol with?

If you don’t want to pay the $35 wholesale member fee, then join with an enrolment kit – most people start with the Home Essentials Kit.

So if you want to know more, click here, and read all about how to open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT! Then join us on Facebook at HealthyWellthy.

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit