“Laura W.: Hypertension runs in our family.
I decided it’s time to lessen the dosage so after research I purchased Cypress oil and Ylang Ylang. I cut my meds in half and rubbed in both oils on my left palm of my hand and just below the right ball of my foot (Vita Flex areas that touch the heart – see chart on p. 35 of the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils). It was maintaining my blood pressure nicely. Some might say well maybe it wasn’t the oil helping. Maybe you could have halved your meds and would have been fine. That leads me to what happened next.
One night I forgot to put the oils on. My blood pressure shot up and the unusual feeling of stress I felt while sleeping woke me up. It was 2 a.m. and I did not want to take the other half of my meds. So instead I decided to rub in the Cypress and Ylang Ylang oils and then I also put Lavender on the palms of both hands.
I laid down and relaxed and cupped my hands over my nose and inhaled slowly in and out 3 times. After 15 minutes I was fast asleep. When I awoke at 6:20 am, my blood pressure was normal!”
Warning: Not all essential oil brands are the same quality. If you expect to achieve results similar to those described in this testimonial, then ensure that the oil you are using is made from pesticide-free plants grown in optimal conditions. Also, the brand should be a 100% pure, high-quality essential oil that does not contain any synthetic additives. Do your own research or ask trusted friends to find a brand that is reputable.