Mailchimp – getting started

MailChimp Setup

We have found MailChimp to be a  great addition to our business. It offers not just a professional email solution, but as you will see in further blog articles, MailChimp can be really effectively integrated in your website to offer an excellent way to capture client information, prospects, newsletter subscribers or generally interested prospects.

We all know it is about filling your pipeline with potentially interested prospects, and you cannot afford to miss or loose a prospects details. A customer database is invaluable, and a database that allows you to seamlessly keep in contact, send newsletters or just keep in touch, will make your life a lot easier.

We have prepared an initial introductory video on just how to set up your account.

Then we run through:

  1. Establishing a List or database for your client records
  2. Preparing your first HTML email
  3. Editing your email – adding text, pictures and video
  4. Personalising your email with MERGE fields
  5. Sending your first email
  6. Monitoring results

We will do another few blog sessions on how to create Templates and how to Integrate your MailChimp Form into your website or Blog – so don’t stay away too long.