If natural healthcare is still new to you, you may want to begin purchasing at the retail or full price level. In this case smaller kits such as the ones on or one or two single oils could be what’s best for you. Retail, however requires you to pay regular, full price and there is no savings.

If you simply wish to purchase a few dōTERRA essential oils online and have them shipped to your front door, then head over to our dōTERRA ONINE SHOP!

Before you buy retail, please have a look at the information on setting up a wholesale account, because you may find it much more cost effective to go wholesale! You will immediately save 25% with NO commitment to buy regularly. Why not buy at wholesale prices?

But how do I buy retail?

Step 1.

a.) Start off by heading over to the official dōTERRA online store:

b.) or if you have bought RETAIL before, head over to and enter you Member ID and Password you chose when you first purchased.


Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.34.24


Step 2:

Make sure you select AUSTRALIA as your country of residence (that is as long as you live in Australia – otherwise choose your country).

Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.34.35

Step 3:

Also make sure you select to have the products shipped from your own country, not USA.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.34.48


Step 4:

Browse through the Essential Oils, Personal Care or Kits and see what you would like to buy.


Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.23.45



Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.25.24


Step 5:

Buy clicking on the various items you can find out more about them and check their retail prices.


Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.26.40


When you find what you want, for example, Balance for $36.00, click the ADD TO CART button and you will the item adds to your CART SUMMARY.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.39.16


Step 6:

Ready to Check Out – Click GO TO CART and the following screen with come up (if you have not signed in nor bought Retail before)

Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.39.27

Step 7:

Make sure you complete all your personal details and credit card information, including your CVV number. Select what Australian Post option you want and click on VIEW TOTALS to confirm total cost. Then when ready PRESS CONTINUE.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.27.02

Step 8:

Order DONE! Congrats – delivery 5 – 8 days in Australia.


Screenshot 2016-09-01 20.29.32