First Class

…and every other class…the recipe does not change!

What you need:

  1. People
  2. Invitations
  3. Venue
  4. Yummy things
  5. Preparation…and a process



We will talk about the first few steps in articles to come, but this is about the class itself. You do not need to be a Doctor nor a Natural Therapist to host the class – as you are never going to go into medical conditions nor solve peoples health problems. This class is all about the introduction to Essential Oils, and to very openly (and right up front) offer people “the intelligent way” to get the best essential oils in the world at WHOLESALE PRICE – by opening a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT!

First things first – place yourself an order (with your next LRP) for the Empower Kit.

LRP Order, First Class

Just type into the search bar – “empower” and add the Local Empower Kit – $30. What do you get?

  • 30 Class outlines
  • 30 Product Order Forms
  • 30 Enrolment Forms
  • 30 Invites
  • 10 WILD ORANGE – valued at $47


Empower Kit, First Class


Then take a few minutes and watch this video by Blue Diamonds Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens of Food Alchemy:



  • The Empower kit sets out exactly what you should cover,
  • Don’t try to cover EVERY oil,
  • Perhaps share a couple oils that ARE NOT IN THE HOME ESSENTIALS KIT – WHY? Well, this entices them to have a WISH LIST – ready for setting up an LRP for next month!
  • Tell your Story,
  • Share from your experience and from the heart – people buy that,
  • Let them experience, smell, remember,
  • Give them time to tick off what they like (as Vanessa says, draw smiley faces and love hearts next to the oils they like),
  • Definitely deal with the elephant in the room early, let them know they will find out how to open a wholesale account,
  • Ask them what their top three health challenges are and get them to write them down on the Empower Kit
  • Close, close, close – do not avoid the question at the end…in fact…assume they are all going to open a wholesale account – after all, that is “the most intelligent way to get their oils at wholesale prices” – why wouldn’t they?
  • Pose the closing question: “Are you open to using these amazing dōTERRA Essential Oils in your home and with your family?”
  • Give them time to answer.
  • Help them choose how they want to start off with the oils. The intelligent way to buy the oils is to open a wholesale account. Besides saving 25% on retail price, it keeps the door open for them to earn from sharing the oils down the track.
  • Help them to fill out their joining and order forms.


Then, position the next steps:

Our protocol is to arrange a one-on-one follow up meeting to discuss their health concerns and provide further education around how to use these powerful oils. It is at this follow up session that you can make sure they receive their order and are happy, set up their LRP, ask them to invite some friends for a class of their own and understand if they are interested in earning some extra income…more on that to come.