3 Steps to start

When signing someone up, it’s really helpful to have a system for getting them started. I never say to someone, “Let’s build a business.” That scares people. Instead, I lead them through these three simple steps and show them how to get their oils paid for. With these steps, people are able to know what’s expected of them and they feel good about it. I carry them through this natural progression to get them off to a great start.


  1. Get them a kit. Find a kit that is going to benefit them. Don’t just look at what they can afford. Go through their checklist of needs, and find the enrollment package that will fit the needs of them and their family.
  2. Start educating them. I hand them the new Living brochure. I tell them this is their road map and they’ll be getting another one with their enrolment package and they can use it for their first sign up. Right away, I open it and walk them through it. I tell them it will be really important to take the Healthy Home Survey inside it in the next 48 hours, and I go through one question with them. I make sure they understand the difference between a standard and an LRP order. Then, I show them the websites on the back page and tell them to go through the websites in the next four to five days. Basically, I’m teaching them how to use the training literature that comes in their kit. They see how easy it is.
  3. Have them host a class within 7 to 10 days. When people tell me they don’t want to host a class, I look at them and say, “Your partner would be so upset with me if I allowed you to spend $600 on this enrolment package and you didn’t know how to use it.” I explain to them that this is not a party, it’s an educational class. All they have to do is invite four to five people over, and I will demonstrate how they can use products that they have purchased. Then what happens is I sign up three or four of the people there, I repeat the whole process with them, and the person who hosted the class gets a “cheque in the mail” the next week. They become excited and want to keep the “cheques” coming—and it just continues from there.



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