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If you join as a Wholesale Member, doTERRA grant you the tile “Wellness Advocate”. It is extremely important to remember that this does not entitle you to diagnose any medical or health conditions, but absolutely entitles you to share your earnings and introduce others to the amazingly powerful natural health benefits of essential oils. It is recommended at ALL times that if anyone asks you about a health condition, introduce them to essential oils by sharing what doTERRA have published.

Always use the doTERRA Official Website as a reference.

For example: A friend posts in Facebook: “I am struggling with a sore stomach and bloating, what should I do?” Probably not the best to be Dr Google and diagnose their problem!

Suggested Answer: “Hey there – why don’t you do some reading and have a look at the benefits of some of the essential oils. You may like to read about DigestZen and decide what works for you. Have a look here: http://doterra.com/US/en/pl/digestzen-products or here: http://doterra.com/US/en/p/digestzen-oil

This is the compliant way to share. To read more about compliance have a read on the doterra.com site.

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