My Website


Did you know that as soon as you open a wholesale account and are set up as a Wellness Advocate, doTERRA provides you with YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE.

Here is ours:


How do you get there and how do you use it?

Step 1. doTERRA emailed you a Wellness Advocate Number when you joined, AND a password you selected when signing up.

Step 2. Get your hands on that number and password

Step 3. Head over to the website: and type in your member ID (IPC number) and password

mydoterra logon


Then watch this video for step by step instructions on how to CHOOSE your website name (URL), add your own PICTURE and add WORDING.


Remember this will now be YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE and URL or Web Address. If you want to market yourself and your doTERRA business to any friends or on Facebook or other social media, use this Web Address for yourself. WHY? Well, that web address has your member code built into it, so if anyone goes to THAT address and either buys oils or Signs up as a Wellness Advocate, you will be listed as their ENROLLER. What does that mean?

  1. As Enroller for anyone who buys oils from the Retail Shop, you can get paid 25% of their purchase as a commission!
  2. As Enroller of a Wellness Advocate, you can benefit form their future purchases, the purchases of people they enroll and you have the opportunity to place those Wellness Advocates strategically in your business where it best suits you. But more on that in another post