Joined – now what?

doTERRA Oil Kit

You are going to be overwhelmed with information once you sign up with a wholesale account, so now what?

Time to learn!home essentials kit

A great start is to learn all about the oils you have just bought. Don’t stress about all the other information, just read as much as you can about what you have. Maybe you bought the Home Essentials Kit – so read all about the characteristics and benefits of Oregano, Tea Tree, Lemon, Frankincense, On Guard, Lavender, Peppermint, DigestZen, Easy Air, and Ice Blue.

doTERRA have published information on all of their single oils and proprietary blends – so read all about them. You may also be interested in investing in the Modern Essential Book and/or phone app. Great little tool to learn about oil uses.

We also want to introduce you to a great website:, where you will meet the Goddard family, one of the founding families and distributors of doTERRA globally. They set out on their website 4 steps to getting started with doTERRA. Learning, Living, Sharing and Building. It doesn’t matter what you intend to do with your oils – perhaps now you haven’t thought about running your own business – thats cool. Start with Learning and Living doTERRA. They may be referring to some of the American products, but it is a great place to learn more!




We really recommend that you connect with us on Facebook and become active in our Facebook Group. This is a great place to learn from others, post questions and get answers to questions you may have. It is really awesome to hear about how people across Australia and the World are using doTERRA Essential Oils daily, whether to support their health, around their homes or even in their cooking!